IMG_0536Hey guys! So I’ve always wanted to start a blog to document the millions of experiments and projects I involve myself in. I’ve always been a very curious individual and have messed up my parents’ kitchen and bathroom with my countless experiments. I am constantly on a search to find the most organic, yet effective ways of doing.. well EVERYTHING! I experiment with all things girl; I am currently on two very interesting journeys that I plan on sharing with you guys. The purpose of this blog is to have my readers follow my progress in the millions of experiments I have done, am currently doing and willing to try in the future. I also plan on experimenting FOR you guys. For example, if you guys are a little unsure about trying a product or skeptical about participating in a journey, as it pertains to everything GIRL, I will see if it’s one I am willing to encounter so that I may blog my experiences and share my results with you.

If you have any ORGANIC or naturally derived product you’d like me to try, leave a comment below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!


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